9th Peptoid Summit

The Peptoid Summit is a friendly gathering of students, post-docs, and PI’s investigating new directions in bio-inspired polymer research.  Peptoids are a highly designable polymer system, allowing unprecedented control over the their exact chemical structure.  This is leading to advances in a wide range of fields, from biomedicine to materials science.  Our community is growing and we welcome new investigators.  Come join the discussion and help plan the future of this exciting field!  The Molecular Foundry at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is proud to host this event.

Date: August 6-7, 2015

Location:  Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA.

Organizing Committee:

  1. Dr. Ronald Zuckermann (Chair), LBNL, rnzuckermann@lbl.gov

  2. Prof. Kent Kirshenbaum (Co-chair), NYU, kent@nyu.edu

Featured topics:

  1. New synthetic methods

  2. Computation and modeling

  3. Control of chain conformation

  4. Combinatorial discovery technologies

  5. Therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic applications

  6. Sequence-defined polymers

  7. Protein mimetic materials

  8. Nano/materials science

Technical program: 9th Peptoid Summit Agenda is posted here.

Fun stuff:  There will be a dinner on Thursday evening (August 6th) following the poster session.  Tours of the Molecular Foundry will be available.  There will also be a BBQ picnic on Friday afternoon at a local park, where the collaborative discussions can continue!  Here is a link to the 9th Peptoid Summit poster!

Registration: Registration is closed!  However, we do have a limited number of walk-in registration spots available.  If you would like to join us, please e-mail Ron to get added to the walk-in registration list.

Registration fee: $150 ($85 for students).

Event capacity: 135 people.

We are able to offset a portion of travel expenses for speakers. 

We hope this will encourage your participation!

Recent Peptoid Summits

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Beta peptoid helix crystal structure courtesy of Prof. Christian Olsen: Nat. Comm., 6, 7013 (2015).

The Molecular Foundry is a Department of Energy funded interdisciplinary nanoscience research institute.  The Foundry is a National User Facility whose mission is to foster innovative research in the synthesis, fabrication and characterization of nano-scale materials, as well as train the next generation of nano-scientists.

View of the San Francisco Bay from the Molecular Foundry!

Peptoid tools!

  1. Peptoid Chemdraw Generator: quickly create peptoid structures in Chemdraw format

  1. Peptoid Calculator: molecular weight & MS fragment calculator

  1. Peptoid Data Bank: coordinates of known 3D peptoid structures

Sponsors:  We are deeply indebted to our corporate sponsors.  Their support is critical to make the Summit possible.  Please check out their products at the links below:

Summit Info