The Biological Nanostructures Facility at the Molecular Foundry presents


The Peptoid Summit is a friendly gathering of students, post-docs, and PI’s investigating new directions in bio-inspired polymer research.  Our community is growing and we welcome new investigators.  Come join the discussion and help plan the future of this exciting field!  The Molecular Foundry at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is proud to host this event. 

  Featured topics:

  1. Bulletnew synthetic methods

  2. Bulletpeptoid structure and nanomaterial self-assembly

  3. Bullettherapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic applications

  4. Bulletcellular delivery

  5. Bulletcombinatorial discovery technologies

  6. Bulletbiomineralization, CO2 sequestration

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The Molecular Foundry is a Department of Energy funded interdisciplinary nanoscience research institute.  The Foundry is a National User Facility whose mission is to foster innovative research in the synthesis, fabrication and characterization of nano-scale materials, as well as train the next generation of nano-scientists.

Peptoid nanosheet structure from:  KT Nam et al. Nat. Mater. 9, 454 (2010).

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  4. BulletPeptoids and the Molecular Foundry.

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